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Spencer Street

On instruction from the Owner we offer for immediate sale this spacious Retail/ Residential Development opportunity with large rear garden on this busy through-fare off Spencer street. This former residential pharmacy requires modernisation. a spacious stone building with the following accommodation.

Ground Floor Retail Shop : (8.401 meters x 5.1982 meters).

Storage Room(1: (3.429 meters x 3.2512 meters).

Storage Room(2): (4.775 meters x 5.1816 meters).

Toilet:(0.720 meters x 1.41 meters).

Shed :( 8.331 meters x 4.5212 meters). 

Large rear garden (16.866 meters length x 14.9352 meter width)= 251.89 sq. meters in total.

First Floor: Landing: (1.260 meters x 2.55 meters).

Kitchen: (3.000 meters x 2.49 meters).

Sitting Room: (4.800 meters x 4.38 meters).

Bedroom: (2.610 meters x 4.38 meters).

Bathroom:( 1.620 meters x 2.55 meters). Storage Room: (3.060 meters x 3.84 meters).

Second Floor: There are 4 bedrooms as follows:-

Bedroom (1): (3.300 meters x 2.70 meters).

Bedroom(2): ( 3.750 meters x 4.26 meters).

Bedroom(3): ( 4.650 meters x 4.05 meters).

Bedroom(4): ( 3.060 meters x 2.85 meters).

I attach a detailed site map which outlines the property which has the benefit of an adjoining Archway Entrance to the rear and large garden obviously the Shop area can easily be extended if required.

Property Status: Open
Price: price an application
Address: Spencer Street
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